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Athletic Therapy is for EVERYONE!

Athletic Therapy is a profession that specilization in musckuloskeletal (MSK) injuries, a fancy way of saying any injury to the muscle, bone, and/or joints. With a focus on assessment and rehabilitation of these kinds types of injuries Athletic Therapists can work with a range of individuals and a number of conditions. 

Additionally, Athletic Therapists are trained in a variety of methods including ultrasound, electro-based modalities, therapeutic massage, and exercise-based rehabilitation

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Is Athletic Therapy only for Athletes? 

No it isn't! Despite the name, an athletic therapist can work with anyone who has an injury that falls into the MSK category. We are all athletes in our own way, which means athletic therapy is for you!

How is Athletic Therapy Different? 

Athletic therapy treatment is different because the specialization in MSK injuries means your therapist can create an individualized exercise or movement based plan to address YOUR situation. Additionally, athletic therapy is based on finding the underlying problem as well as treating the immediate issue, like pain, that you may be experiencing. 

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